The best solution to avoid unpaid bills as a freelancer!

As a freelance professional, you are often faced with unpaid or overdue payments. This happens more often than you think, as it affects 59 million freelancers in the US by 2020.

When monetizing exclusive content, whether it’s :

  • A logo as a graphic designer
  • Photos as a photographer
  • Confidential documents
  • And many others…

These documents that require payment in return are not necessarily 100% guaranteed. Indeed, in many of these areas, customers do not pay on time or at all even after receiving their orders. As a result, sellers are left with unpaid invoices and no simple way to recover their payment. Indeed, the only ways to claim your payment are through friendly way or through the courts. This is very long and complicated to set up.

Let’s discover together the first platform in the world that answer this need to be paid against exclusive content !

The solution for professionals

PayperSafe is a secure platform that allows the sending of documents with several authentications. The available authentications are the password – the email address – the payment. The documents you can send are numerous like PDF – Photos – Videos – GIF – ZIP…
Paypersafe allows you to create secure digital safes to store all types of documents that you can then share if you wish.
You can send your documents using an automatically generated sharing link directly in your safe (you can generate as many links as you want).
Today we are going to talk about all the advantages of sharing or selling these documents through this platform using payment as authentication.

The advantages of managing unpaid bills

Sharing and selling your work with your customers in a secure way is now possible. With Paypersafe you can guarantee payment against your content. For example, if you are a graphic designer and your client orders a logo from you. Sending your final work without guaranteeing that your client will pay you can be very risky.
With Paypersafe, you can upload your content in a safe deposit box, protect your content with a payment and create your link. When you share this link with your customer, they will be able to download the contents of the safe as long as they pay, otherwise they will not be able to access your safe.
This way, your content is secure and you will have a guarantee of payment.

This is not the only advantage! PayperSafe also allows you to store your content, contracts or certain files in safes to which only you have access. Storing your contents in digital safes will allow you to have them all in one place. PayperSafe secures your data.

Paypersafe is extremely easy to use, in only 3 steps you will be ready to exchange your sharing link.
Step 1: Create your Paypersafe account
Step 2: Select the desired authentication
Step 3: Upload your documents
You are finally ready to share your link with your clients !

Using Paypersafe as a means of sending your documents can be a time saver for you and your clients, and it is a great way to gain security and confidence. No more unpaid bills or late payments, your customers will be able to get their order only if they pay !

Features to eliminate late payments

PayperSafe offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Free
  • Medium
  • Premium

The Premium plan gives you access to several advantages. Indeed, you will have access to 24GB of storage space, a personalized domain name and the possibility to integrate your logo for a maximum of professionalism and of course commissions of only 7%.
Many updates are planned such as the possibility to work as a team on a single safe or to increase your storage space and many other things that are in preparation.

As you may have read, Paypersafe is very useful for independent professionals who often encounter problems with clients who have unpaid bills or late payments. With PayperSafe, your exclusive content will be delivered only if your client pays before and in a secure way !
This will allow you to avoid multiple client follow-ups that often end up without any response. You will be able to share your work while being sure to earn your money without fear, without reminders and without headaches.
In this article, we only talk about authentication by payment, but there are others that I let you discover here.