PayPerSafe App Review – Why You Should Use It to Receive Payments

Are you thinking about entrepreneurship and believe that digital products can be a good option? You are right ! We have been hearing about digital products and services for some time now, as if they were something ethereal that only exists on the web. But the truth is that they are defining themselves and positioning themselves in the global market better than ever. If you want to know how to sell your digital native products, read on; here is a review of PayPerSafe, a brand-new app that not only helps you monetize your digital goods, but offers several other ways to share them.

PayPerSafe a Complete File Sharing Solution

PayPerSafe is an app for individuals, but also for professionals. It has the particularity of offering several methods of sharing files with friends, colleagues, or monetizing them.

As a rule, file-sharing apps do not allow you to actually sell digital products within the app. What is done instead is that you accept payment outside the app, through PayPal for example, and then share a download link of the file you are selling to your customer. This is an indirect and inefficient way to sell files online. Moreover, this way of selling files has a major problem –- that of unauthorized sharing!

Imagine that you were selling a course via a PDF using this method. There is no guarantee that after receiving the file, your customer will make copies of the document and share it for free. Or worse, start reselling it. That would be your worst nightmare.

PayPerSafe provides a solution to this unfortunate eventuality and allows you to keep full and permanent control over your documents. This is possible thanks to the ability to control access to the file even after the sale (which is done in-app) and the tracking of the file’s opening in your dashboard. This way you will know if there is normal activity for your files.

PayPerSafe – an alternative to e-commerce plugins

Selling online can be tedious. Creating a website requires hiring a webmaster who can charge you huge amounts of money. On top of that, you’ll have to manage a whole bunch of additional plugins to manage your digital products. PayPerSafe is a centralized system that puts all tools at your disposal within the app. You upload them to cloud servers and decide how users will access them, for free, by giving their emails or by paying. This offers more flexibility to share resources for free, collecting emails while selling your digital products.

A complete dashboard is integrated into the app, allowing you to keep control of all your files that are stored securely.

PayPerSafe – an Alternative to Traditional File Sharing Systems

Popular tools like Google Drive or Dropbox are quite comprehensive for file sharing and limiting access or consultation. They allow you to share files for free, or by invitation via email. One can control access to files and how to modify them for invited users (editor, commentator, etc.).

However, these file management systems do not allow for efficient email collection. If you want to build a website by sharing files for free, they are not suitable. In addition, they do not allow you to sell digital products within them, so you will have to use third-party payment systems.

PayPerSafe integrates both an email collection system and an in-app payment system. This gives you all the tools to run your online business: collecting emails and then proposing new products to buy, for your prospects.

PayPerSafe App Features

Secured solution to send content

PayPerSafe is a secure solution for sending content freely or for money. You can safely create safe deposit boxes with the security of your choice:

  • Payment (credit card or PayPal)
  • Via email
  • Password protected
  • Sharing with a link.

Sell Your File In-app

You can restrict and exchange your documents for money. Just add all your files, choose how much it will cost to open it and send the link to your client. It’s easier than ever to share your documents for money and finally get credit for your work.

Build a Mailing List

Exchange your documents for verified email addresses. This is perfect for building a powerful email list for further business.


PayPerSafe is a complete and efficient file-sharing and file-selling solution, and email collection app for entrepreneurs and businesses. It integrates the functionalities of a digital file selling site, an e-commerce site, and a file sharing system. It’s an all-in-one app that you won’t be able to do without.

Have you ever heard about Paypersafe?

That’s a new way of protecting your personal files. First, we will see what is Paypersafe about before analysing the different steps and options you can have by using this device in business.

I/ Let’s discover Paypersafe

What is it exactly?

In fact, it is a secure platform on the Internet where you can protect your personal documents.

Is it for individual or professional use?

Indeed, you can use Paypersafe for individual and professional use, which is quite useful for everybody. In a word Paypersafe is intuitive and it is a totally secure solution to store your files safely.

What about the requirements to access to Paypersafe?

It is quite easy basically; you have to follow the different steps below.

  1. You create your account
  2. You can store your files
  3. You can send your documents

Security first

The other question you may ask yourself it about security, right? One question for one answer. In fact, Paypersafe is known for the safety of your data. What prevails for Paypersafe above all is safety of course because you don’t want your files to be unprotected. After creating your account, you can share your documents with special conditions. These conditions go with security.

First, security rhymes with verified email. Then it goes with password and finally it is for a fee. This way, your files are protected and they are never given to anybody. When you use Paypersafe there is no sharing to others but only to your friends, family or your contacts from a professional point of view.

Let’s talk about advantages

What is good about using Paypersafe is that you can save all the documents and after you can share a multiple of options and all kinds of files. For example, you have the possibility to share different files such as photos, documents (PDF or GIF) and videos in a secure way. What is the most striking is that you can create your own digital data.

II/ Let’s have a closer look at Paypersafe in business

Step 1

Paypersafe can be used for your business from a professional point of view. If you desire to share your content with your clients in a safely way, use Paypersafe. It is really simple to use and you have to create shared link with a payment.

Thus, your potential client will have the possibility to view the content you want to share with him or her but on one condition that is to say after the payment is processed. Besides your potential client will feel in security that way, which can be a really good advantage to convince him or her in business.

Step 2

One of another advantage of Paypersafe is you can create individual wallets for different uses. Security is essential and you can create encrypted links (protected password, payment emailed to share your files safely). Basically, you can exchange your documents for a password and for a verified email address which is perfect for building a powerful email list.

Step 3

As far as the options are concerned, they are important as well. You can have options for payments. But you can increase your store space too. Another advantage in options is that you can have more weight to send your documents. Finally, you can create unlimited shared links.

Burning question: Money!

At last but not least here is the burning question about payment. Sending documents for money is always tricky. How can you be sure to receive your payment?

Paypersafe is an all-in-one platform. You can safely create safe deposit boxes with the security of your choice: payment, but also email or password and share them with a simple link.

On the road to an innovative aspect by Paypersafe.

 You can exchange your documents for Money. Never be the simplest to do it, just add all your files in the safe, choose how much will it cost to open it and send the link to your client.

To finish this method allows you to get paid on time and you won’t run after the clients to get your money about your work.

In a word don’t take any risks and use Paypersafe for your personal data. It’s easier than ever to share your documents for money and finally get credit for your work. What about creating your account now?