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Digital safe

Store share & Sell !

secure sharing of audio, video, documents in
exchange for an email, a password or money !

What can you use paypersafe for ?

I created as many digital safe as I want and I can easily store all my content in it.

I share my content (video, files, audio…) for money, a password or an verified email,

I develop my web-business without any non-payment fit

All my shares are secured, simple and fast

Which content can I store and share in my safe ?

Papers – Files – Vidéos – Audios – ZIP File – Photos

PayperSafe is for who ?

You are a web-master, freelancer, Influencer, laboratory, entrepreneur, trainer, lawyer, teacher, no matter who you are, if you want to have secure exchanges, not have non-payment fit or create email lists easily.

The steps to get started with paypersafe are very simple :

1. Create a safe, you can store up to 2 Gb per file and until 25 Gb in total

2. Upload all your files at once

3. Choose one of the 3 authentication methods (payment – email – password) to share your content

4. Let’s go, you can share your safe!

Your subscription includes :

You can :

  • Store up to 2 Gb per file and 25 Gb in total
  • Customize your logo
  • Customize your domain name
  • Customize your safe with 3 templates (Dark mode – Light Mode – Pink Mode)
  • Work as a team (1 to unlimited )
  • Analytics data of sales
  • Download permission
  • Protect against screenshots
  • Share your safe with a link via Facebook – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Twitter – Whatsapp – Email.

Every share can become a good action. Open a PayperSafe account in 2 minutes: send your content and have a positive impact on the planet

You send your documents and reduce your carbon footprint
1.5% of the profits will be donated directly to the project that finances the protection of the planet

You store your documents and have a positive impact on biodiversity !

Create your green account !