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YSYONE- 6 Chemin des Vitarelles 31150 LESPINASSE
SAS with a capital of 301 000 € – Registered at the Trade and Companies Register
of Toulouse under N°88285270000013

General Terms and Conditions is a website published by Ysyone, SAS with a registered capital of
301.000 €
SIRET: N°88285270000013- registered at the Trade and Companies Register of
Head office: 6 chemin des Vitarelles 31150 Lespinasse
Phone: 0658925102
E-mail :
CEO: Mouchigam YsabelleRose
Hosting: Browsing this site makes you a user of paypersafe.
By becoming a user, you agree to all the legal information here below.

Article 1 – Purpose

The purpose of these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”)
is to define the terms and conditions under which the company paypersafe
(hereinafter referred to as “paypersafe”) puts at the disposal of the users the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and the services
available on said Website. The T&C define the operation and conditions under which
the user accesses the Website and uses the services offered therein. The T&C
constitute a contract between the Website and the user.

The T&C intend to define the conditions of use both in terms of accessibility of the
website and posting of comments/opinions/ratings.

Every connection to the Website is subjected to compliance with the T&C.

PAYPERSAFE reserves the right to modify at any time and at its sole discretion the
content of the clauses of these T&C.

Some important clarifications:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to use Paypersafe.
  2. All your content belongs to you and you are 100% responsible for it. We have no
    control over it, we are committed to protecting it and ensuring the proper functioning
    of our features. However, despite our best efforts and our advanced technology, we
    decline any responsibility in case of problems.
  3. Beware if it turns out that you have illegal activities, in which case we can block or
    delete your content and suspend your accounts, without having to justify ourselves.
  4. We are entitled to change our conditions, our service or our prices from time to
    time. You are of course free to delete your account at any time without having to
    justify yourself.

Article 2 – Access to the Site

The Site is accessible for free from any location to any user with an access to the
Internet and who is at least 18 years old, however PAYPERSAFE is in no way
responsible for the use given by the user.

Connection fees associated with the use of the Site are not covered by
PAYPERSAFE and remain at the expense of the user.

PAYPERSAFE undertakes to implement all the necessary means to allow
permanent accessibility to its Site, but cannot be held responsible for any temporary
unavailability regardless of the cause.

PAYPERSAFE cannot be held responsible in case of an event beyond its control,
such as disruptions caused by Internet access providers or eventual breakdowns
and maintenance interventions that are necessary for the proper functioning of the
Should the case arise, we recommend that you refer to the General Terms and
Conditions of Sale and the General Terms and Conditions of the Marketplace.

Article 3 – Presentation of the Website

3.1 Purpose of the Site

Our solution allows you to store, send, upload, share, receive, collect, capture and/or
view text, graphics, video, data, information, files, presentations or other content,
including third-party content you use. You retain all rights and responsibilities for all

You can store all forms of digital content, and classify them in folders called here
“digital safes” for a maximum weight (for the moment of 500Mb)

You can send content up to 25 MB in paid version.

PAYPERSAFE does not claim ownership of your content. Our service is provided to
you as a user of the service by PAYPERSAFE

3.2 Contact PAYPERSAFE

To inquire about the use of the Website, the user can resort to the “Contact” page.
Once the request has been received, PAYPERSAFE will reply within 21 days.

Article 4 – Creating an Account

4.1 Purpose of the Account

When browsing through the Website, the user is given the possibility to create a
customer account (hereinafter the “Account“).

This Account allows the user to access product offers, and to place orders, as
proposed by PAYPERSAFE. More precisely, it allows to:

  • Consult and update your contact information and payment methods;
  • Track your current orders and consult the records of all your last orders and refunds
    from the last six months;
  • Return an item and ask for a refund;
  • Consult the promotional offers from which You can benefit;
  • Create a list of your favorite products;
  • Customize your options concerning mailing and advertising campaigns.

Creating and using an Account is free.

4.2 Creation (to be completed by PAYPERSAFE)

In order to create an Account, the user needs to click on the tab located on the home
page of the Website.

The user must then fill in the form for the creation of the Account, including his
username and password. We recommend choosing a password that can’ t be easily
guessed (do not use your name, date of birth, etc.).

If the user forgets his password, he can contact our customer service so that:

  • The password is re-sent to the same e-mail address mentioned in the
  • Or to reset the password via the login page.

To prevent any unauthorized access to his account, we recommend that the user
logs out of his account at the end of each session.

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information.

PAYPERSAFE reserves the right to refuse any user to create an Account.

4.3 Prerequisites for creating an Account

When the user requests the creation of an Account, he certifies that the information
provided for the creation of the Account is accurate and truthful.

PAYPERSAFE cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the rights
conferred by the Account.

4.4 Deleting an Account

In order to delete your customer account, You are welcome to contact the customer
service of PAYPERSAFE in compliance with the provisions of ” Your rights to
access, modify and delete ” provided in the ” Personal Data ” tab of the Website.
It should also be noted that PAYPERSAFE may also delete a customer account that
does not have any pending orders due to the regulations governing personal data.

Article 5 – Customers Reviews

All information provided by the user for the purposes of using the Site or for the
conclusion and execution of a contract must be accurate. PAYPERSAFE cannot be
held responsible for the delay, loss or misdelivery of an e-mail, or an order, in case of
erroneous information.

The user accepts by using the Site all the risks specific to the use of Internet, like in
particular the possible delays of transmission, technical dysfunctions or the risks of

The user is only responsible for his computer protection against possible viruses or
other malicious programs circulating on Internet. Consequently, PAYPERSAFE shall
not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the Customer’s computer

PAYPERSAFE shall not be held responsible for the consequences that could result
from the non-compliance with these TOS.
Content sharing :

  1. PAYPERSAFE allows you to share your content with others.
  2. To share your content, you must upload and create a transfer link. This
    link will allow you to verify and track access to your recipient(s)’ safes.
  3. PAYPERSAFE allows you to share your content up to a maximum total
    capacity of 25MB. All uploaded content is stored on Paypersafe’s
    servers as long as you keep it in your vaults.
  4. After deleting your content from your vaults, PAYPERSAFE will
    permanently delete the downloaded files. These files will no longer be
    available or retrievable, unless they have been previously downloaded.The PAYPERSAFE file sharing functionality in FREE mode is free, with
  5. The PAYPERSAFE file sharing functionality in FREE mode is free, with registration, however the pay-for-documents functionality is subject to a percentage charge of 15% + 0.5€ fixed per transaction as well as advertising.
  6. PAYPERSAFE treats the Content confidentially and does not verify the use of download links. Recipients may pass on the links and authorize others to use them. You are solely responsible for the Content you upload, share and store.
  7. PAYPERSAFE Medium and Premium are paid subscription versions that, compared to the free version, offer a set of premium services and different subscription conditions. See here.
  8. In the paid version, team members can easily be added or removed with each new subscription period.
  9. In the paid version, there is no advertising imposed.

Article 6 – Liability

All information provided by the user for the purposes of using the Website or for the
establishment and execution of a contract must be accurate. PAYPERSAFE cannot
be held responsible for the delay, the loss or the wrong delivery of an e-mail, or of an
order, if any information is incorrect.

The user, by using the Website, accepts all the risks associated with the use of the
Internet, such as in particular potential transmission delays, technical malfunctions or
the risks of computer hacking.

The user is the sole responsible for protecting his computer against possible viruses
or other malware that may circulate on the Internet. Consequently, PAYPERSAFE
cannot be held responsible for the damage which could result from it on the
computer equipment of the Customer.

PAYPERSAFE cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may arise from
the non-compliance with these T&C.

Article 7 – Personal data

The conditions under which PAYPERSAFE collects and processes personal data
relating to users are stipulated in this article.

The user can navigate on the Website without providing any personal information to

Nevertheless, as part of the use of services and offers proposed on the Website,
PAYPERSAFE can collect and process the following data:

  • Information required to create a customer account on the Website (last
    name, first name, date of birth, address),
  • Information required for the execution of the services, such as the last
    name, first name, date of birth, e-mail address, billing address, delivery
    address, telephone number and information regarding the credit card.

The email address submitted at the time of the creation of the account can be used
by PAYPERSAFE for managing and providing the service.

In accordance with articles 39 and 40 of the aforementioned law of January 6, 1978,
any natural person who proves his identity, is entitled to question the person in
charge of the processing in order to obtain information regarding the personal data
that concerns him (information on the purpose of the processing, on the transmission
and on the communication of these data…)

Any natural person who is able to prove his identity can also demand from the
person in charge of processing that personal data that any inaccurate, incomplete,
equivocal, outdated (etc.) information concerning him is rectified, completed,
updated, blocked or erased. The user therefore has a right of access, rectification,
deletion and opposition relating to his own personal data. The user may enforce
these rights by means of the contact form provided on the Website, or by sending an
e-mail to

When making these requests, the user must indicate his name, first name and e-mail
address. In accordance with the regulations in force, the request must be signed and
accompanied by a photocopy of a valid proof of identity containing the signature of
the person concerned. It should also indicate the address to which the reply should
be sent. A reply will then be sent within a maximum of 2 months following receipt of
the request.

+ if personal data tab on site can be inserted.

The user can correct all these inaccuracies in the “personal data” tab.

Article 8 – Intellectual Property

The website belongs to and is operated by PAYPERSAFE. All
the elements composing it, including the graphic charter, domain name, texts,
comments, photos, videos, brands, logos, graphics, concept, illustration, images and
any other distinctive features, appearing on the Website, are protected by the
legislation in force on intellectual property and copyright.

The user must request prior authorization from PAYPERSAFE for any reproduction,
copy, publication, downloading, transmission or distribution of the contents available
on the Website.

Any unauthorized exploitation of the Website or its contents is an infringement
punishable by articles L. 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

If the user wants to set up a hyperlink leading to this Website, he must contact the
person in charge of the Website to obtain his authorization.

PAYPERSAFE can in no way be held responsible for the content of any websites
that are referenced by a hyperlink on this Website.

The contents available on the Website must only be used by the users in a purely
private context. Any use of the contents of the Website for purposes other than
private ( namely commercial) is strictly forbidden.

Article 9 – Jurisdiction and applicable law

These T&C are subject to French law.

Failure to reach an amicable settlement and notwithstanding the provisions of public
policy governing the place of residence of the user relating to the competence of the
jurisdiction, any dispute that could arise from the validity, interpretation, or execution
of these T&C, or that would result from it, is the competence of the Courts of
Toulouse if the user is qualified as a businessperson or, if this is not the case, the
jurisdiction of the place of residence of the user.